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You like your babes busty, wet and shower-clean. That's why you should join Daylene Rio as she enters the dressing room for a refreshing shower. The cool water hardens Daylene's nipples. They poke underneath her drenched tank top. Watching beautiful, busty women shower is something a guy could do for hours. Let's see what Daylene has in mind as the camera follows her every move.
Daylene Rio enters the house where Tony has been waiting. With her spectacular tits, tush and face, Daylene is definitely worth waiting for. She's wearing a top and a skirt so tight, and heels so high, it's a miracle she can even walk. When she sits down next to Tony, something happens. "Oops!" says Daylene. "My ass is so big I ripped my skirt." Daylene stands up and turns her bodacious butt to the camera. Sure enough, there's a big hole along the seam of her skirt. Tony makes the hole bigger by ripping it even more. That ass needs exposure anyway. Daylene turns around so he can pull off her blouse and get a mouthful of her big tits. They're huge, fit for a king. She sits and gets a grip on his cock, deep-throating him and giving him a cleavage crack to shoehorn his dick into. Daylene has many special talents and number one on the list is the power to get a guy rock hard very quickly. Her pink taco gets wet just as quickly and it's ready to be filled with the beef. There are women and then there are super-women. Daylene doesn't need a big S on her chest to let the world know which category she falls under. Her big boobs precede her and her asstounding ass brings up the rear.
Too sexy for her nightie. She's sexy and she knows it. Daylene Rio drives guys crazy with her insane body and sultry ways. It's obvious that Daylene's proud of that talent. One of Los Angeles' hottest babes faps it good in this on-cam cum-show. Observe poetry in motion as Daylene twerks her ass while holding one of her chick-toys inside her pink chocha. That's one of the many visual delights in this video. Daylene doesn't need to go to a tanning salon. She should have a constant tan just from being under the SCORE camera lights since 2007. "Believe it or not, I get a lot of compliments about my feet and hands," says Daylene, who does have nice feet and hands. She feels her best physical asset is...her ass. Comments Slothsaxon, "Daylene, you look more and more beautiful every time they photograph you. Please never stop posing!" We're down with that. Thanks again, Daylene. Always a pleasure.
Hitomi visited these odd structures on Biscayne Bay off Miami and did her thing for the SCORE camera. Now here's Daylene Rio showing her huge tits and pussy at the same location. "This is one of the most unusual places I've ever been to," said Daylene. "I've been to SCORE many times and I've gone on-location a lot but I never knew this existed. It must be the strangest place I've ever modeled. The windiest, too! It was so fun to be on a fast boat on the water. I had a ball playing with the pole. I love Miami."

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