Latina Goddess of Boobs & Booty

Latina Goddess of Boobs & Booty

You know her, you love her. Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene) is back and takes no prisoners as usual. Actually, we stand corrected. She did take a prisoner in her sex scene in Mamazon as the horny jungle witch doctor. And now Daylene's former prisoner is back to turn the tables on her. This is the first re-match of stud J Mac and Daylene since they fucked in Mamazon. It's an epic rumble once again but not in the jungle.

Do you notice anything different about Daylene since her last appearance? You should notice something right away in the first photo of her subjecting that tight tank-top to dangerous stress levels.

Once J Mac has reacquainted himself with Daylene's torrid, superhot body and given her the boobhound inspection, it's time to feed her the cock. Daylene gets busy, sloppily deep-throating it, sucking balls and burying the shaft between her enormous tits. It's like she hasn't tasted cock in a long time. In fact, it's been well over 18 months since Daylene got any action like…
Featuring: Daylene Rio
Date: May 3rd, 2023
Photos: 50

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