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Daylene Rio is not just craved by big-tit fiends. Her curvy culo attracts the caboose crowd too, especially in recent years. Daylene says her ass, not her boobs, is her best feature, and she wears the tightest dresses to back her up. In the battle of the butts, we'll take Daylene over Kim K. any day. Lap dancer, porn star and cam-girl, Daylene's proud of the effect she has on guys, which is the power to transform a man from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

When SCORE magazine editor Dave saw Daylene in the dressing room a couple of visits ago, he said she said to him "Hi, Dave, I gained seven pounds, and I think it all went to my tits and my ass." Dave figured her big boobs were a G-cup or possibly an H. When he walked into the studio another time, he wrote, "That's when I saw how much bigger and rounder her ass is. Her pussy was full of cock, but all I could concentrate on were those big, round, bouncing mounds of ass flesh."

Here the focus is mainly on Daylene's bodacious…
Featuring: Daylene Rio
Date: August 23rd, 2023
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