Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Goddess of big boobs and booty too, charismatic Daylene Rio is ready for it. Not the Battle of the Sexes. She's ready for the Clash of the Sex Titans. When it comes to Daylene giving the cock TLC and getting her own satisfaction, she is a gold medalist in the coliseum of copulation with a Ph.D in carnal knowledge.

"I love multiple orgasms, foreplay, kissing, snuggling and spooning," says Daylene in her seriously erotic, baby-doll voice.

"I feel sexy when I'm all dolled-up, sipping some wine and dancing sensuously. I love to look sexy by wearing see-through leggings, no panties or bra or wearing see-through clothing. When I want it, I will walk up to a guy and immediately tell him I am attracted to him. I do not hold back!

"I've watched my SCORE videos and DVDs by myself but for some reason when I'm on a date, the guy is always showing me clips of my scenes.

"Shooting my first scenes at SCORE [in 2009] did change me, in a good way. I am much more open to sex and I…
Featuring: Daylene Rio
Date: September 27th, 2023
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