Too Sexy For Her Nightie

Too Sexy For Her Nightie

"I don't wear panties," says Daylene Rio, back at one of her favorite travel destinations, SCORE. One of SCORELAND's highlights was Daylene visiting famous Haulover beach in Miami. We got to see her in a bikini before she took it off at this nude beach that draws the bare crowd. Busty and bootylicious, this time Daylene is pure eye-sugar in her man-pleasing lingerie. A bed and Daylene. No boob-blockers to get in the way.

Apparently Daylene goes commando. So when she's out and about back home in L.A., she may not be wearing any bottoms. No wonder it's called the City of Angels.

"I feel sexier when I don't wear panties, less restricted. I don't like wearing them during the day, I don't like sleeping in them. I don't like anything going up my butt. I like being naked. I'd rather be naked than wear underwear. I mean, there's something going up my ass, and it's not a man or a tongue! What good is that? And I think it's hot for men not to wear underwear."

Even though she's…
Featuring: Daylene Rio
Date: October 25th, 2023
Photos: 80

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